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Approximately 90% of all the calls going into our 911 dispatch center are for medical emergencies. At Huntington Lake, the most common emergency is difficulty breathing.  The combination of our altitude (7,000 feet), our aging population and the many outdoor energetic activities available at the lake make this fairly predictable.  However, we also routinely respond to heart attacks, strokes, hemorrhaging, fish hooks in the body, burns, motor vehicle accidents and falls. All of our apparatus are fully equipped and carry the latest medical equipment and supplies. Our Rescue 62 carries a great deal of specialized equipment needed in our unique environment along with meeting all the standard requirements of a BLS ambulance in Fresno County. We also comply with all national protocols for EMT's. All of our emergency medical technicians are licensed by the Office of Emergency Services in Fresno County.  Both of our main fire engines and our fire boat are equipped  with breathing and trauma treatment equipment and our personnel are all trained to use them.  We also have AED's on both engines and the rescue for use by our EMTD level responders.

Often we are required to extricate a medical patient from a location they have ventured into.  We frequently are called to "extricate" a patient from a wrecked vehicle and we have the climbing gear and training needed to "go over the side" if needed.  We also have certified rapid water rescue personnel and underwater search and recovery personnel.

These two photos illustrate the working relationship between our department Cal Fire (blue shirt with CDF fire on it) and the USFS (people in green coveralls).  In this case an injured person who was unable to walk had to be transported across Big Creek below indian pools.  We had to first stabilize the patient and then transport them across the river in a basket litter. From there, the person was carried by stokes basket out to the Sierra Summit parking lot for transport to the hospital.