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The College Fire

testOn July 10th at 6:13 in the morning The Huntington Lake Fire Department was dispatched to respond to a structure fire near the College Campground. Engine 262 was first to respond and was on-scene within 8 minutes. Engine 62 and Water tender arrived a minute or so later.

Firefighters found a "fully involved" structure fire at a cabin in the Lower Deer Tract. Flames reached twice the height of the cabin and the forest was on fire on all four sides. The department worked fast to stop the spread of fire and the decision was made immediately that the cabin was a total loss and that the priority was stopping fire spread to the forest, nearby cabins, and propane tanks.

There was a real danger that the already torching trees would begin an uncontrollable forest fire.

Watch two Dash Cam Videos and three news reports!

Click Here to access the first of two videos

This video, taken from our dash mount camera, shows the view from Engine 262 as it arrives on-scene. Note the fully involved cabin on the left side of the picture. The forest fire is clearly visible as trees are "torching" ... that's when trees gather heat over time until they are so hot they simply explode into flame. Torching leads directly to a crown fire, which is an uncontrolable forest fire. The Chief, Brother Chris is driving and Br. Jack can be heard giving CAL FIRE dispatch an inital size-up. Firefighter's Spencer Faraday and David Guyer are also responding on this engine.

Click Here to Watch the second video

The second video is a combination of two different camera feeds. The video begins as units from Station 62 arrive on scene. Note engine 62 (our structure engine) has just arrived and is beginning to deploy lines while Brother Jack, Incident Commander, confirs with Captin 62, Lisa Coleman. Firefighter Matt Ferreria, who arrives in his personal car, can be seen donning his PPE down the road. The Engine then continues to the rear of the structure for a scene size-up. Within a minute Water tender 62 arrives with the Chief and Jeff Heberle and the feed from a second camera then shows the tender's deck gun in action. Later Mark Richards takes over tender operations and Colton Richards, one of our explorers, assists with water supply.

To watch TV news reports on your computer or mobile device click the appropriate box below!

NBC Channel 47

ABC Channel 30 - 6:30 am

ABC Channel 30 - 4:30 pm